Thursday, May 30, 2013

When your workplace is more fun than your work !!!

My first ever job started in December 2012, i was a bit nervous and enthusiasm was at its peak !!! Since i was the only girl there at first, i didn't talk to my colleagues much. It was kind of lonely but i liked it still, may be professional life is supposed to be humorless afterall. Although, there were some known faces already working there, one was a funny(friendly) face and another a serious face, both from my college, whom i didn't talk to much during my college days. Within weeks time i got lectures from my boss, may be i still wasn't getting used to that environment. I felt bad and disheartened at first but then like everything falls back to their place, my professional life did too. Once i got a hold of it i loved my work esp. the web designing. One of my friends also got recruited there and just 2 weeks after, she joined and it was the best day so far. I felt relieved as there was someone i could talk to now, like truly. Ultimately we came to know our colleagues and that they were fun to work with. Life was good but turned out better when another friend joined. We had joy, we had fun, we talked, we worked (sincerely) and we laughed at stupid lil' things. Colleagues became work friends. Always supportive and helpful, who knew work place could be so lively and enjoyable.
Each of my work friend has a unique quality, and without each that place would become boring(no offense). Although I don't know if they'll allow me to write their original names, so i'm gonna write the names of countries as their aliases instead. Malaysian(guy), the most entertaining and the most hilarious friend. I didn't like him during my college days, thought he was arrogant, always makes fun of other people. But as i got to know him better, he is really good at heart and always trying to make others smile or laugh their lungs out :P. Pakistani(guy), the most selflessly helpful and the most supportive person i've ever met. I feel he is sort of at the wrong place right now with so much knowledge and brains he has got and did i mention he also teases like an annoying lil' brother(right uncle;). Egyptian(gal), really calm and cool girl, with a good sense of humor plus her dancing at awkward moments or sometimes before the boss, its so funny :D just gets a bit emotional, but without emotions you can't be human, right !?! Emiratis(gal), she was my friend before and she is my friend still, humble and caring, way too much caring sometimes. These days she is lost in her thoughts(or should i say lost in her cellphone), was engaged few weeks back(you know;). All these plus the other people, like my boss, what can i say about my boss except that "The boss is always right" !!!=)

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