Monday, September 9, 2013

Depressin' me !! Don't Read !!!

When you leave college, you feel like you are on top of the world. Your future seems so bright, like you imagined. You are about to bring the "change" in the world that you were aspirin' for, long back. But soon reality hits you, and you realize that world is a nightmare and you stand nowhere. Your dreams are only dreams until you work hard, and even if you work hard, luck should favour you. 

If there's one thing i wanted so bad, this year, was a stable much earnin' job, I wanted to get settled, and by settled i mean "financially independent". But as they say and it holds true "man proposes God disposes". I turned out to be a loser, the biggest disappointment in my family,"the black sheep" should i say. Still my family loves me, i wonder why :( I don't remember the last time i made my parents proud of me.

It hurts you know, bein' a failure. May be i shouldn't have kept my hopes high, i shouldn't have worked so hard to get it in the first place. My confidence was on cloud 9 before it all came crashin' down and hit the ground pretty hard.

i miss my Grandfather's wise words, i need 'em so badly right now !!! i will keep my head high, i will strive again, i will beat the odds, i will survive !!! with this note i say goodbye till i find somethin' inspirin' to write !!!! :)

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