Friday, July 5, 2013

Working Women vs. Housewives, an unavoidable debate !!!

Should women be working or stay at home? Always the kind of debate i try to avoid for so many reasons, firstly i respect both, so if i say anything in favour of working women, it would go against the non working and secondly i am not able put my word across in a better agreeable way, so to some it doesn't matter what i say or do. 

It always starts with "Why do you want to be independent(financially)"? and i am always like "Why not? Did i pursue my higher qualifications just to be at home. Did my parents just raise me to get married and have kids? Wouldn't it be a huge waste of the investment made by my parents on my education? Could i not be a helping hand like the "son"? If that was the case i shouldn't have studied so much, should have studied till 12th and get married as soon as school was over. Somebody should've warned me that i have to study well but not get my hopes high, be an aimless person and don't dream too much. Because in the end you are going to get married and be a housewife. You don't need computers to be a good housewife, you need to be a little bit educated, have cooking skills, and other things. ".

I conducted a survey on whatsapp and i asked some of my friends the same question. Mostly, people said they would prefer working, as their mother or aunties have been working and and they don't think working moms are careless or irresponsible. On the other hand, people whose mother or aunts are housewives supported housewives. This mindset that housewives are better than working woman, and can build a home or a child's future in better way is actually the outcome of how things are from their side.

A housewife's life is difficult, I agree, though she enjoys the luxuries of being at home, while as a working woman has to face many challenges. A housewife can look after her family in a more effective way. She is there 24/7 for her kids and family. She gets to decorate and redecorate her house, she takes up new hobbies and learns new skills. And then there are voluntary housewives and forced housewives, voluntary housewives: mostly not educated or less educated, rarely high qualified. Forced housewives: who want to work but can't, sometimes because her family/husband won't allow, and sometimes because she didn't get a good job.

A working woman on the other hand is independent, not a liability, has a sense of security and self-respect (some consider that ego). Moreover, she has to balance her work at office and at home, so much hard-work and struggle that she has to do to reach the top. To be the best mom for her kids,  a good wife to her husband and a good daughter-in-law, at the same time maintaining her professional career. Its amazing to see how she can do everything without complaining. How do i know this, my mom is a working lady too. She has done her best to maintain the balance and we grew up well. She took care of everything we wanted and she is always there whenever we need her. She taught us to be a good human and do the right thing. She is my inspiration and i am so proud of her. 

Some say kids of working women don't get the right kind of care, say their house isn't perfect(but i turned out to be okay i think, right?;). Actually it all depends on how well a girl has been groomed, a housewife can make or break a home and so can a working lady. Therefore, don't think what people say, as sometimes you'll be criticized, sometimes praised and sometimes hated for what you do, good or bad deeds, people are always going to talk. At the end of the day you don't have to be answerable to anyone but Almighty so follow your heart, live your dreams and do the right things. And it doesn't matter if she is a housewife or a working lady, both are good homemaker in their own ways. #Respect for both!!! 

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