Saturday, October 19, 2013

The best thing about writing is knowing that somewhere someone gets inspired from your thoughts or writin' style. I always thought of my blog as some place to vent out my happiness, sadness and madness :P !!! Its almost 12 and instead of sleeping i'm writing, and the perfectly suitable reason is that i'm not sleepy(after a long time), also i got something on my mind. I'm missin' people close to me, may Allah SWT keep 'em safe, healthy and happy. So, what have you been upto and when was the last time you were at peace with this world, totally, completely content in what you have? If you ask me i don't remember the last time i was fully content or at peace. I have been happy, sad, angry but i don't remember bein' content. O'course its human nature to never be satisfied with what they have. We can't seem to let go of things in the past. We always forget about things we have for which we need to be thankful to Allah SWT. And unless or until we lose that thing (livin'/non-livin') we never really value what we have. Nowadays, i get upset more than often, worryin' about things that are going to happen or not. I somehow got entangled in the never endin' "form cycle", the procedure of filling multiple exam forms and appear in each without preparin' anythin'. Hopin' that sometimes luckily i get through one of these, get a better job. I want to keep writin', its the one of the things that helps me forget about the bad things in life (other things include readin' and watchin' movies/series). Memories are weird things, they make us happy and sad at the same time. Remember those days when you had winter home work, and you enjoyed doin' that work with mom or dad by your side and snowfall outside. Man!! why do we grow up? I'm missin' those days, life was so simple, when did it become so complicated? So many dreams i had, sure that they were goin' to be true someday. So, happy it made me, only imaginin' those things. I've quit chattin', I talk less. No, i'm not depressed, just changed a lil' bit, actin' like a grown up. Nah, the thing is when i talk people stare at my braces, it feels weird :P
Forget it, i need focus on important things in my life. I know that one day i'll be successful, famous, happy and content, ultimately, that day is not far behind till then i'll enjoy the lil' bits of life.