Sunday, December 1, 2013

A New Somethin' !!!

Dear Online Diary,

I will no longer be a sad lil' girl who thinks too much, cares very much and in the end gets hurt pretty bad. Today will be a beginnin' of the new me, with the new month and the new job. Its time to start fresh, a new adventure. What's gone is gone, I'll stop worrying about it anymore. It's only a journey until I reach my destination I'll meet new people, make new friends and keep up with good old ones!!! It's time to wash down all the memories that make me sad and cherish those that i want to relive again. Be a Stronger person, i'll hold on to my dreams and my imperfections 'cause I believe there are people out there who love and support me and who would not judge me on the basis of how I appear to 'em. So i'll never let people define me. I know who I am and I know what i do and as long as my conscience stays true i'll be better off without 'em.

Recently, i had some really experiences and some really bad experiences with people, but I learned the hard way and that people, whom you expect to be ordinary would turn out to be good and thoughtful while people you can count your life on, would leave you anytime. But honestly, i cannot blame anyone, as they say "one day even your own shadow will leave you away". So anyway, its a new day, i'll be away from worldly affairs. It's good in a way 'cause i'll be as busy as a bee (i hope). A new office, new work and new people, excited i am, nervous a lil' !!! all in all a new somethin' it'll be !!! ;)

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