Friday, January 31, 2014

Do people really love their "job" ?!?

Call me indecisive or a whiner but i'm always eager to to try new things, and i don't think experimentin' with your life is wrong. How would you know whether a job is well suited for you if you are not satisfied, not even at peace with yourself, unless, you have a definite goal, an aim in life and likin' towards a profession, a profession you think you would be perrrfect for. One should always love their job, enjoy at the workplace and not be like stuck in a jail for 8 hrs or so or even hate the work as a matter of fact. Finding a job you love with good enough salary is too hard to find in today's era, not to mention the place where i live. I have been into 3 jobs since last year and still i have not been able to quench my thirst. Its not only about the money, may be only a bit about the money. For instance if i get a job i like, i don't get the good money for it. On the other hand, if i get a job i don't like, the salary is good, i have to do it. The reason is that we study well enough to get a job which pays enough money...But at the same time i want a job that gives me inner peace, a job that will help me find myself. Is it too much to ask? 
I miss my prev. work and the workplaces, fun with work. i miss the bosses too, esp. my first workplace.They showed me a path and i'm really thankful to what i have learnt because of 'em !!! #Respect. I don't know what i am lookin' for, but i am definitely not at the right place. i feel so lost, don't even know what i am doin' with my life right now!!! I have been thinkin' may be there are people in this world who really love their job, or may be my job isn't so lousy after all. I just need to find the job i love, truly, which is almost impossible considerin' i want a job where i love to work, the environment, work culture, plus a job that i love to do. Moreover, i want alternate holidays in a week with good salary. Would i find a job like that ever ?

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