Monday, July 18, 2011

Pinics/Camps ....the best thing about Summers !!!

i love Spring and Autumn season...but i'm not a fan of Summer or Winter much....both seasons make me lazy and clumsy....but both have some positive sides as in winters you get to enjoy the awesome snowfall(Sheen)....and in get tanned by the harmful UV rays of the sun there are picnics/camps ....gosh!!! how i miss my camp life....We used to go for campin' in school days with all my FRIENDS and a few Teachers.....stay there for utmost 3 nights n 4 days....and explore the undiscovered land by means of trekkin'....ugh !! i hate trekkin' cause it drains off my energy....but at the same time i happen to see beautiful places....not visible otherwise....not to mention the fun all the way through....and the best night ...the camp fire night... when we used to collect fire sticks on the last day of our trekkin'....and then entertain ourselves with some hilarious skits/plays, music, etc. around the campfire…makin' memories of what we had seen so far …partly being happy cause the other day we were supposed to head back to the city life "Home sweet Home" and partly sad cause we were goin away from the so-called natural beauty!!!

The campin' session ended by the end of my more camps for me now ...cause girls aren't supposed to go campin' alone....i mean not without anyone's supervision....not in Kashmir atleast =|….no matter how old you are…We go for picnics few times i do wish i was a guy who could go wherever he wants with whoever he wants !!! but at the same time i'd say i'm proud to be a girl....cause while in trouble girls find an easy way out ~_^ ...Girls Rock\m/ much with the girl/boy thing goin' on my mind ....movin' on to picnics/excursions....i love picnics....picnics are fun!!! could it be with your classmates or your amazin' cousins…!!!!

two places that i visited so far this year ...!!!
Kashmir is truly what we call HEAVEN on Earth !!!

If you think about it picnics are more relishin' than camps…just a one day adventure and you don’t get used to that LIFE ….While others may find it a perfect place to live or get settled in the mountains alongside the stream of fresh water…. i find the hi-tech world more peaceful...!!! :)

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