Wednesday, September 7, 2011

've put on my thinkin' cap

Dear Online Dairy !!! 

so we meet again...!! 
nobody else to talk to right mum thinks i'm upset cause i don't talk much of my friends think that i've got social issues and need to change more social and all...some say that i'm childish/childlike...whatever...and yet another friend told me that for me "bein' serious = bein' sick" i'm just thinkin' things through....things on my mind this instance...things that i cannot change....things about other people that bother me....some things about future...i never thought these things would matter to me so much...

Each heart bears a secret and at the end of the day everyone has to carry the burden themselves...!!!

this song is just too apt for for me right now (not the video...just the lyrics ;)

...the truth is that bein' weird/different is in my blood....although i feel like not even a single person on this earth would ever get to know me better....not even my friends or family....sometimes i wish i could fly away to a place where nobody knows my name....a beach, highest peak of a mountain or some chilled out place....and soon become a faded memory for people who knew me here....may be not just a faded but cherished memory !!!! :)

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