Wednesday, October 19, 2011

just random flashbacks !!!

today was s'pposed to be my last paper, if my exams had not been postponed !!!! gosh !!! i hate waitin' for exams....the pre-exam stress is killin' me....not to to mention my all day sleepin' and eatin' habit...i'm missin' my good old days in college with my friends....when we used to spend hours talkin' textin' lollin' and what not....seems like yesterday when i was a fresher at the college...time travels really fast...
 ...speakin' of z the day when we shifted to our new "home sweet home" ....10 years ago....i was in 8th standard...about to appear for my after 10 years i'm still preparin' for my technically i'm in 18th standard now ;) there's an incident i would like to share...very memorable...!!!
"Once i was comin' back home from my 8th class board exam...alone (didn't knew my batch mates who lived in my neighbourhood)....boarded a bus and got lost in my thoughts...didn't realize that i had already missed my stop until i reached the last i was sorta lost in the middle of airport road and the way back home...i got off the bus and decided to walk all the way back...the road wasn't gettin' any easier...and i wasn't even sure whether i'm goin' in the right direction... i guess my 'gut feelin' really worked that day" :)
but what if it hadn't...what if i had literally got lost at that would have been so different....or may be i would have been dead by now...i'm sure everythin' happens for some good reason...and at every step of life you learn some lesson...for instance i learned that one should always be alert on board esp. when one's alone :D

anyway this day 19th Oct' i remember pretty clear 'cause it's my aunt's(maasi's) b'day and my cousins'...she z more than a cousin to childhood partner in crime...we used to do every damn thing together...!!! everythin' has changed has become more complicated...and the people more sophisticated...and me...i'm always stuck with my computer or probably my never endin' exams...back then i loved to read novels between exams and i still do that...the only difference is that now i spend more time on internet which has decreased my readin' skills...i mean there's never enough time left to read...keepin' studies thing apart....i had a life outside the internet but now i can't seem to live without Internet : best thing ever happened to me...or may be the best z yet to never know when you are livin' in the 21st century and kinda dyin' in 2012 ;) !!! 

FYI another date-sheet for my exam has been declared and i'm hopin' to do my best...this time at pray for my result and also that i get a nice job after all the studyin' i've done so far with the lil' brain that i've got :P 
okie doki...gtg...'ve got loads of studyin' to do...till then ...see ya...take care...tchao...and for those who actually read my posts...God bless !!! =)

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