Friday, March 4, 2011

Just the Beginning

hey....wassup' you doin'...!! so here i am .....finally ....with my first blog... my first  post... and honestly speakin' I don't have any idea what to write here ....neither am i some sort of gifted writer lets just say it could be my Online Diary/Journal kinda thing :)
i'd never thought of bloggin' until i quit Facebook or should i say Fakebook....damn Facebook....its so borin' at the same time know the whole idea of getting friends/relatives together via these so-called social networkin' sites is totally absurd.... instead it slowly drives you away from 'em....and outta nowhere you turn into an Anti-Social human being ( personal experience you see ;)

anyway now that I'm here you must know that I'm also endurin' with a bit of excessive talkin'/chattin' syndrome ....but after too much thinkin' I've found a way to curb my talkin' skills I'm not gonna quit talkin'...duh ...instead I'm goin' to turn it into some useful junk...for instance my blog ...i know not many people are interested in other people's personal lives... but trust me most of 'em are if somehow you come across this unintentionally... would be great :) ...if not then good for you :P

not wastin' much of your time and keepin' in mind my upcomin' exams ...this is me signin' off until next post
till then take care....tchao
keep rockin' & stay cool !!!


  1. now don't say that you don't have good writing skills....this is one of the most amazing articles i ve read in recent times..seriously!
    Keep it up

  2. thanks....thats really very generous of you....!!!! :) :)


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