Sunday, March 20, 2011

"College Life" ...'ll miss it... or not ...!!!

After completin' my Bachelors in Computers at one college and landin' up in another to do my Masters ...was never the part of my a matter of fact i had imagined myself bein' more mature and a bit serious (that unfortunately never happened;) UK student...lil' did i know that my life was goin' to change (not completely though) ...but it turned out to be more hectic ...hectic because of the system/faculty of our new college...  but at the same time fun with people i hardly knew...people i used to have formal conversations with ...people who turned out to be my BFFs later...!!! i was already in "dejected good for nothin' " mode when i went for councellin' ...and then came the bad news struck me like a tsunami or lightnin' or any other cool natural disaster was hard to imagine how i was gonna survive there...pursue my dreams in the college of my nightmares ...even the thought of it made me sick ...and thus the journey began...!!! 

1st Sem : Depressin' Mode   

i am still in the state of dilemma whether to do MBA or friends classmates teachers...and i hardly like anyone...i miss my old friends ...and i hate to go to college ...i don't even like other students of that college...they are all SSSCARYYY!!!=SS

2nd Sem : got used to Hell 

May be my college isn't that bad...considerin' the friends that i've got there...they are great, totally rockin', awesome and hilarious...they've made my life worth livin' in that hell ...i call 'em "the invincible"...however the studies part still sucks...!!! 

3rd Sem : Hell turnin' out to be Fun 

now that i survived almost one year there...i don't think rest of the sems are goin' to get any difficult...what about studies??? well only after 2 sems experience i concluded that my college ain't meant for studyin'...meanwhile the football season is on the rise...say "waka waka" and "wave your flag" !!!\m/
wait more thing... uh ...nope... nothin' ...i guess that would be it... ;) 

4th Sem : Inexplicable 

i had a couple of new experiences ...some good ...some bad ...some that i would cherish....some that i'll try hard not to think how i was about fall apart...but somehow managed to pull myself together(still tryin') thing that i came to know is that my classmates are good... friendly... fun... carin'... except for some... very few... nerdy two-faced hypocrites... i also discovered that even though all guys are jerks... not all of 'em are morons ...!!!! :P 

P.S. i'm sooo Evil >:)

Dated : 28th June 2012

5th Sem : i'm still thinkin' what happened :/ 

good friends are movin' apart/ is becomin' more complicated...and umm...i can't b'lieve that i don't remember anythin' else about it...don't know why...may be the time was too hard for me...and no i wasn't drunk :P ...the thing is i try to forget bad things that happen to me ...but not the good things hidden behind 'em !!! ;)

6th Sem :  fun in the beginnin' hectic towards the end 

this Sem was supposed to be fun all over...had dreams of this since all the prev. sems of MCA...for the beginnin' check out one of my posts 6th Sem Outside Kashmir...towards the end it became so hectic...busy with my project from dawn till dusk...tensed what's gonna happen in the finals...the negative criticism didn't help that much...and finally it was was good in the end ...i'll miss my friends, my batchmates, my college ...i'll miss the busy me...!!!

so the journey came to an end....didn't think that it would be so i miss every single bit of it...seems like yesterday when i put my first step in MCA...always imagined finishin' my degree and gettin' out ASAP...fights and fun continued till the that its over i don't really feel like i should ...say "on top of the world"...thats why they say live your student life to the fullest as it would never come back...and this part of your life you'll never ever forget !!!
 the real life begins now...and you realize you were better off as a student...its not what you expected but you've gotta keep goin' the famous Rocky Balboa has said, "The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!" \m/ :)

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