Sunday, April 10, 2011

Post Exam Strrresss =(

It's been long time ..or may be not long enough.. since i wrote somethin' here....actually i was so overwhelmed by the appreciation and likin' for my previous post that i sorta couldn't come up with somethin' interestin', somethin' new or excitin' ...also i'm sufferin' from post-exam fever these days ....not that i'm doin' somethin' about it ....i mean i probably should be studyin' right now ...but i would if i could .....exams suck ...i hate 'em from the core of my heart....i can't concentrate...i'm lost in my imaginary world most of the times ....i sleep way too much these days.....i'm always hungry...and not to mention the TV addiction eh....lately i've been watchin too much "News channels"!! speakin' of which did you know some social activist Anna Hazare's hunger strike at Jantar Mantar turned into a carnival venue soon after the government gave into civil society activists' demands on Lokpal if my didz happens to come across this she would be so proud that i'm finally improvin' my General Knowledge...but what the hell is Lokpal Bill ??? i don't know exactly but it has to do somethin' with "reducin' corruption" it somewhere on Twitter!! you better Google it and lemme know as well....'cause i make use of internet for better know updatin'/downloadin' stuff ;) ....stuff like movies, music, e-books(o'course not the subject related ones) etc. etc. ....which is way more important/interestin' than any of the news trash !!!


  1. u know wat, ur writin, i mean creative writin is jus incredible!!!!!
    keep it upppp!!!

    1. thank you so much for reading and then appreciating !!! :)


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