Sunday, November 6, 2011

we plan but Allah is the best of planners..!!!

m not in a good mood right now...i just wanna kick someone hard and punch 'em right in their that they think a million times before lyin' or cheatin' on someone...the world is full of pathetic morons...they all should rot in hell n God should punish 'em it in this life or the afterlife...i'd never wished anythin' bad against anyone but the diabolic evil in me has been unleashed...enemies beware, friends be more close...!!! ;P

"everythin' happens for good reason"...somethin' bad happened but not the a part of me is happy that Allah(SWT)  saved my loved ones from fallin' into the trap...and for that i'm greatly thankful to the Almighty ....but another 1/10th part of me is a bit sad 'bout what happened...soon i'll get over it...not a big deal...but i'm tensed 'bout the other people around me who are tryin' to hold it together...may Allah(SWT) give 'em patience, strengthen their faith and shower 'em with their blessings iA (Ameen)....!!!

wrappin' up i just wanna say EID MUBARAK to everyone .....May this Eid brings peace and joy and relief to those who suffer...iA(Ameen) !!!!