Wednesday, December 14, 2011

chasin' liberty !!!!

no matter how much i say against Facebook i always end up on it....there's this new feature on Facebook called Facebook Time-line which i hacked ;p... it shows our wall on a time-line basis i.e. we can jump to any previous update or wall-post that we want to access...only if we know the month and year...Some days back i was checkin' out my 2010 made me realize how happy i was in the previous i'm nothin' but a damsel in distress...heavy heart is what i have right now because of the many things that happened lately...totally confused about what i would/could/should do!!!

Nevertheless somethin' new is gonna happen in my adventure you can say ;)...i hope and wish everythin' goes as i imagined...(: do pray !!! :)...i'll be off for a long time i think...finally the day when i'll be on my own is here...panicky plus excited...lookin' forward to it ...!!! no more pamperin' by my folks n more thinkin' of me as a kid..."independent life"...."free from stress"...away from my first family but close to my second family(i.e. my F.R.I.E.N.D.S)....imaginin' how its gonna be...i want to sleep but i'm not sleepy...i'll surely miss everyone i love...but a new LIFE its gonna be...!!!!

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