Saturday, January 28, 2012

in the quest f findin me i lost myself...!!!!!

my journey had already begun in my imagination when i came to know 'bout my trip...i like to dream a lot...about stuff that i like to happen to me...
so anyway mommy didn't want me to go by road but daddy wanted me to have a lifetime experience once...he wants me to be tough n rough but mommy pampers me...both love me...that i came to know later how much they missed me while i was gone...even my didz...she took care of everythin'  i needed durin' that trip...i could see tears in her eyes when i was leavin'...i didn't cry...i was way too excited !!! ;)
and thus the road trip started....early in the mornin'...seemed like we were off for a picnic...considerin' that bus had only our classmates as passengers...only 2 or 3 who slept at the back were unknown strangers...the road to Jammu was scary but awesome at the same time...we ate...we sung....we played on the way to our destination..!!!

first stop Jammu : a place that literally...i really felt the need of pure oxygen/air there...a place that resembles Kashmir but not in the least can compete with it...the houses with flat roofs...cause of the fact that there's never me and my friends had plans to meet one of our friend's sister there...also we were havin' 2nd thoughts about goin' there as we thought we would miss our train which was s'pposed to be almost 4 hrs later after we reached there...the place where my friends sister lived was cool and calm...her kid was sho cute but naughty...he did things which i told him not to just to annoy me...but nonetheless we became good friends...we were really exhausted and wished that our train trip could've been the day after as none of us had enough strength left for another road trip...that too by train...we wanted to sleep...
as we were gettin' ready to get back to the railway station i got a call informin' that our train has been canceled...just when we wanted things to go got worst...b'lieve me when we were standin' there that night it reminded me of that scene from the movie "Jab We Met" where the main lead actress misses her train again and is all alone...except that here we weren't alone...all classmates and friends an unknown night...wonderin' what we gonna do next...after a lot of drama and nuisance created it was finally decided that gals gonna go to my friend's sister's residence till the next day...!!!
the next day we first explored a bit of stinky Jammu then finally took off for Delhi...the sleeper coach looked scary...a bit like a coffin...i really felt heavyhearted and then my dad called the same time...after talkin' to him i felt good and with my friends around i never felt alone...we squeezed into a single cabin...3 of us...and others were close by...laughin' n talkin' we reached a dhaba(canteen) on the highway...i had never been to a dhaba...the food was salt-less and tasteless (bad experience) i sorta knew that from that moment the only good food air or water i'm gonna get is when i get back to my homeland(i.e Kashmir : really a heaven on earth)

next stop Delhi : a place which is oxygen-less again...polluted to the core...the food is tasteless...and the people are as cold as ice....livin' a life where time and money are the main criteria....kinda dead inside...we reached really early in the mornin'...5.30 i guess...but it didn't seem so early...guess people of Delhi never sleep....the view was good...but the thing that was really depressin' were the people sleepin on the streets...some of 'em under the bridge...if Delhi was so developed then why the hell people there slept on the streets...that too in the chillin' winter...somethin' that was really disturbin'...!!!
finally we headed to our accommodation...half-dead and sleepy....walkin' like zombies and carryin' our friend fell off the escalator and seconds later i fell off the stairs with my baggage which was pullin me through..."my first fall in Delhi" ;D
i began to like the hi-tech Delhi...not the crowded Delhi...i mean i did kinda like New Delhi esp. the Connaught Place...but Old Delhi is too tacky and crowded and the people there stared as if we were from another and my friends almost got lost in Old Delhi...and moreover Old Delhi ain't as happenin' as New anyway...Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate, Nizam-ud-din, NZP, Lotus Temple were some f the places we also made me realize that i haven't explored my own homeland to that extent...only if we weren't s'ppose to study there...we would have explored Delhi i missed to explore Gurgaon and some really awesome malls...our fav. and the most happenin' mall was the Great India Place located in Noida(a place which was close to our residential area as well as study area)....i misss roamin' there with friends in the evenin' !!!! i miss the metro...i miss the photo shoots...i miss speakin' my kinda kashmiri :P....i miss the nautanki/masti with my friends...i miss watchin movies in the theater....i miss the songs which we used to listen the most...i miss the parties for no reason...i miss textin'(FYI textin' is still banned in Kashmir)...i miss shoppin'...i miss my friends takin' care f me when i was sick or got injured or suffered the biggest loss f my life !!!! :'(
and finally...i never thought i would say this after all that i said 'bout Delhi i can't b'lieve the words comin' outta my mouth..."I MISS DELHI"...i miss every lil' bit of it ...

crowd near the Delhi Metro!!! 

now i really do wish to get a job outside Kashmir...Kashmir is a heaven indeed...the people here are really lovin' and carin' but what i don't like is the interference and negativity...the air water and food is just splendid...although it would take ages for Kashmir to be as developed as any other state/city of India...wish i could do somethin' to speed up the progress...nevertheless
"Home Sweet Home"
like all good things come to an end...this too had to but the memories will always be cherished...and i'm gonna get over i always have.."life time experience" is what i call it.

p.s. : now you may or may not find it interestin'...cause almost everyone has been to Delhi/Jammu atleast once in a no big deal....however those everyone haven't seen these places through my perspective !!! ;)