Tuesday, August 14, 2012

think positive'...stay happy !!! :)

we are livin' in an age of anger and anxiety, stress and strain, competition and rush...in such a tense atmosphere we are likely to lose our cool...we get worried lest we would fail in any field of our life...everybody has some complaint from life...while worryin' over trifles we forget the miseries of our fellow human beings....and thus become selfish....there are many people who enjoy many comforts of life but still they indulge in self-pity...

some of us want a great job to earn money...some want to gain weight and some want to be skinny...some want to be in a relationship...and some have other minor reasons...all of 'em have a same goal....and that is to be happy....but still no one is satisfied from what they get...thats cause happiness is not a slave to such minor things...

in my opinion to be happy we should think more of others and less of ourselves...we should appreciate the beauties of nature....like the beauty of sunset or stars at night, the calm pleasures of walkin' on a beach or a long road and the blossomin' of flowers in spring...we should not worry about trifles as they bring nothin' but sorrows and tensions...doubts and fear are the results of self pity...they are the greatest road blocks in the way of human progress...we can achieve somethin' in life only by liftin' our thoughts...real success comes through selfless efforts and not through selfish ones...we can attain great heights when we stop complainin' and grumblin'....one should try to be optimistic and learn from his past mistakes...we should try till we succeed....whenever there is trouble we must face it boldly and manfully....if we think correctly and act courageously we can overcome all our miseries and misfortunes...!!!!

choice is your's !!!

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