Friday, August 24, 2012

fun with google..!!!

everyone loves the playful Google doodle that Google uploads from time to time ....but here's somethin' else that i like and you might as well !!!! check it out and have fun

click on the links below to find out (no spam trust me :)

wanna know how mars looks like :

sky is not the limit :

so we do have some proof about first man on the moon afterall or is it just a myth :

heard about Google mirror yet

almost everyone knows about the Google gravity :

how about Google underwater :

and there's Google terminal (my personal fav.) :

some of the doodles from Google mirror and /

for gothic people you might wanna keep this as your homepage :

for hardcore metal-heads :

change the Google logo to your name with some effect and surprise your friends like i did ;)

do you know how many Google doodles have been made so far and if you've missed some cool ones....check out all the Google doodles so far

you can always change the borin' white background of you Google home page u know ;)

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