Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wake me up when Cricket Ends !!!

September is endin' and i don't have anythin' to write. Well, what can i say, life is pretty dull these days. The mausum (weather) is awesome in Kashmir. Two seasons that i like the most is autumn and spring cause in both seasons goin' out for shoppin' or picnic or anythin' is fun, neither too much hot nor too much cold. I like goin' out for anythin' but interviews (yeah i'm still jobless/unemployed ).

Anyway, i've to finish this post before midnight here's what's new : its India v/s Pak cricket match and almost everyone is glued to their TV set (everyone in Kashmir atleast). I used to be like that but now cricket seems borin' to me plus i don't like to watch match when my fav. team is losin'. More than half of the Kashmiris support Pak cricket team so when its India v/s Pak, they forget about every other thing, cause at that moment the most important thing is the match between the two nations. Earlier when we did the same, my mum's fav. dialogue would be "yem zenaan ponse tuhi wechaan tamashe" (the cricketers make money as we sit there watchin 'em). When i was in school or in college India v/s Pak used to be one of the hot topics ever. The winnin' team supporters then teased and made fun of losin' team fans. Its like a mini war except that instead of guns and ammunitions people use harsh words. Many supporters get emotional and out of emotions they say things they don't mean. Cricket fever is high and people sufferin' from it get hyper for that period of time.They say these matches bring nations close but i don't see how. Although  the fun and enthusiast is  at the top  when there's a cricket match between India v/s Pak. 

So in today's match Pak lost to India yet again and i don't remember the last time when Pak had won a cricket match against India. Its been like this for a long time now and everytime i don't know why people have high hopes from 'em but everytime they disappoint.  Just FYI my fav. cricket team is Australia and now Pak has to face 'em to qualify for semi finals and India has to face South Africa for the same. And guess what ?!?! i don't care who wins or loses. All i care about is the news that would help contribute to my general knowledge. ;) =P