Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eid Special !!! :)

so today all the Muslims around the World(includin' me) would be celebratin' Eid al-Adha (also known as Eid-ul-Zuha or Bakri Eid). i thought i should post some of my personal experiences durin' Eid since everyone knows why this eid is celebrated(if you don't google it) ;).When i was kid Eid seemed so much fun, gettin dressed and where do i start ?!?

Lets start with mom made seviyan, i love it, without it Eid doesn't seem Eid at all. Durin' Eid i usually get up early in the mornin' and have breakfast (seviyan) with my family. Because of the busy schedules of other family members we don't get to have breakfast together. So, Eid brings us close to our families. Afterwards everyone in my family gets busy with their cell phones, callin' and receivin' phone calls from friends as well as close relatives and wishin Eid Mubarak. Now its time to pay visit to my close relatives who live nearby, my Aunts there offer tea, sweets, snacks etc etc. Even if i don't like tea i would take it, because its Eid and they'll feel bad if i don't eat anythin'. Can you imagine i had tea like 5 times today...gosh i feel like my food pipe is filled with tea upto my mouth, also my taste buds won't work for sometime now as i burned my tongue while drinkin' a hot cup of TEA. Is it necessary to eat more than your appetite only because its Eid, they might call it dietin' or actin' but honestly i'm not much of a foodie person. I do relish the tasty cuisines everyone prepare for Eid (the most common ones : "yakhni", "kofta" and "chicken") although it doesn't mean that one should eat everythin' that comes in the way.

After havin' a delightful lunch we(me and my didz) watch TV or some movie and the day comes to an end while we are lost in the movies or stuff. While guys (my cousins and all) go out and have fun meetin' other cousins and friends, most of the girls in Kashmir like me and my didz sit back home watchin' movies/TV(which we do almost every Sunday) waitin for the next guest, preparin food(TEA) for 'em. That is fun actually but the definition of fun is slightly modified since we grow up, too old for eidi now they say, but not old enough to go outta state alone *sigh*. 
I do go out sometimes with dad to meet my relatives, in fact, i may be the only girl in my "khandaan"(dynasty) who goes out on Eid, only when its my own ride and only when pops promises to get me back before lunch time. 

 So anyway, i almost forgot a very happy Eid to all. May Allah(SWT) bless you all !!!

okay now, tired, almost full, i'm feelin' sleepy...see you next time till then stay happy and keep rockin'...bye bye tchao !!! 

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