Monday, November 26, 2012

#FreePalestinians #PrayForGaza !!!

I don't know much politics as i don't go through news channels just to avoid watchin people die everywhere, it seemed that we were born to die sometime but dyin' ruthlessly in wars, its never fair. I'd been one of those don't know don't care types person who needs a bit of conscience awakenin to see what's happening around the World. So, lately i've begun to face it, face things that make you cry your heart out, so self-involved i was i never realized the plight of the victims of war, so much for petty lil' things i asked from the Almighty i never realised there were children gettin killed(murdered) in a war...the War of Gaza...where Israelis are murederin innocent infants, children, women and senior citizens. Why the War...the map says it all 

How does a defensive action result in the total conquest of someone else's lands?

if you still want more proof about the Israel oppression...check out the site 
Killin' innocents is not justified at all, be it any War. I know discussin' about it won't help the innocent victims of Gaza war, but doin' nothin' and watchin' 'em die while we enjoy our pleasant life won't either. Anyone can bring a Revolution, infact we all born in a technology driven World have more mediums than anyone from ancient history.They say pen is mightier than the sword, so spread the word, bring out peace, stop the war. Humans with humanity can help in many ways, donate as much as you can, spread the truth as much as you can, as far as you can,don't turn a blind eye on things that are wrong whether its happenin' in any part of the World, stand against the injustice and atrociousness and first and foremost pray for the Palestinians, pray for Gaza !!!

Lastly, there's a some facts that i saw on facebook, i'd like to share.It may be out of context but it is somehow related ;

Today The International Media Specially Western Media AreSaying That..."All Muslims Are Not Terrorist But All Terrorist Are Muslim." But If You Go Back To The History Of The World You Will Find 100% Falsehood In This Statement.For Example:

1)In The History Of The World Who Has Killed Maximum Innocent Human Beings?????
Do You Know Who Was He?????
He Was A Christian!!!
But Media Will Never Say That Christians Are Terrorist!!!!!
2)Joseph Stalin Called As Uncle Joe
"He Has Killed 20 Million Human Beings Including 14.5 Million Were Starved To Death"
Was He Muslim??
3) Mao Tse Tsung (China)
"He Has Killed 14 To 20 Million Human Beings."
Was He Muslim??
4) Benito Mussolini (Italy)
"He Has Killed 400 Thousand Human Being.
Was He Muslim??
5) Ashoka
"In Kalinga Battle He Has Killed 100 Thousand Human Being.
Was He Muslim??
6) Embargo Put By
George Bush
In Iraq 1/2 Million Children Has Been Killed In Iraq Alone!!!
Imagine This People Are Never Called Terrorist By The Media.
Today The Majority Of The Non Muslims Are Afraid By Hearing The Words "Jihad"
Jihad Is An Arabic Word Which Comes From Root Arabic Word"Jahad" Which Means "To Strive" Or "To Struggle"
"To Strive Or Struggle" Against Evil And For Justice, It Does Not Mean Killing Innocents ,The Difference is We Stand Against Evil , Not With Evil".

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