Monday, December 31, 2012

I survived 2012 !!! ~_^

For me this year started with my freedom and so much enthusiasm around while i was in Delhi...It ended in serene and beautiful Kashmir (my Home sweet Home). I remember last year when me and my friends were plannin' to go out, party all night but we DIDN'T...the thought of comin' across some drunken people made us change our mind. Although we did enjoy at our own place, had a lil' party of our own in our room...gosh i miss my friends so so much...Movin on to 2012, it had many ups and downs, mostly downs. It wasn't a good year for me somewhere in the middle but towards the end, things are turnin' out to be just fine mA !! They say "all's well that ends well", so more important thing for me now is that i'm with my family...happy, safe and sound !! 
You know, a hard life helps us learn so much about ourselves, about the world, where we stand. So a reality check every now and then is necessary esp. when we turn into an egotist and self centered maniacs. We forget that we are nothin' without Allah SWT and began to think high/superior of ourselves. We began to underestimate other people and and we keep livin' in the wrong notion. Anyway my point is you learn at every lil' step that you take in life, I learned too. To be precise, 2012 was a big time learning year for me and i'm learning still...i struggled for sometime and then took a step forward...everytime the risk of failin' kept me down but gettin up with dignity is one of the imp. things i've achieved.People esp. critics would say a a lot of things which i couldn't get off my head...depressing shaitan-filled thought Get Lost...sometimes even thought i would never survive 2012 but here I am..i survived the criticism, the negativity, the possibility of bein' a good for nothin' person and finally got somewhere..reached a point where my vision became more clear.Although reachin' somewhere doesn't mean its the end...sometimes its the beginnin' to a new life...!!!

to be continued...still workin on this post... had to publish before 01/01/2013 ;)

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