Sunday, January 20, 2013

The much awaited Snowfall!!!

Winters has its charm only when it snows...At times when we don't get much snowfall, we crave for it, we plan picnics to the place which get snowfall such as Gulmarg or Sonmarg. So the good thing about snowfall is we don't need to go out to enjoy.We can just make a picnic out of it at our own places, enjoy with family, take a break from tech-madness. I don't  know what you people do when it snows but let me tell you what i do. I watch it as it falls down, it makes everythin' look so peaceful. Sometimes when i'm out i walk on the crispy soft snow, even if the snow is cleared on the main road, i like to walk on the footpath bearin' snow. In Kashmir, usually people prepare Harissa (a really tastly dish) to welcome Sheen (Snow)...When the snow settles down me and my cousins put on the gloves and more clothes then go out, make snowman or do snow fight ...This time i couldn't go out though(cough cold and all that)... The best thing about snow is that it makes everything look so bright and white...but the worst thing about it is the electricity cut off for a long duration of time...I'm amazed durin' this snowfall it happened only for 12 hrs or so...seems like Kashmir is progressin' and developin' after all !!! so enjoy this snowfall and make it last for all and those who don't get snowfall enjoy anyway cause you never know what tomorrow can bring you !!! see you next time till then keep rockin' and stay happy =))

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