Monday, February 18, 2013

With Execution dies Humanity !!!

I woke up at 8:30am on a Saturday mornin' with no mood to go to office. Although i love my work, its one of those times when i want to sleep more, I want a holiday and I need a break. After gettin' ready when i went for breakfast, my mom says "Its curfew today, why did you get ready. Didn't didz told you". I was happy as i got the holiday/break that i needed so much, at the same time a lil' annoyed that didz could've let me sleep a bit more. Anyway, "why is there curfew?" was my next question. "Afzal Guru has been hanged" was the answer."who?"
Afzal Guru was a Kashmiri Muslim who was convicted for some attack long time ago and imprisoned since then, i didn't remember so i began to listen what news channels have to say about him. The story went like this : Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru hanged. Curfew imposed in Kashmir. Every time i saw him in his earlier recorded videos bein' carried by police, i thought to myself "he looks so innocent. how can he be the mastermind in carryin' such attack? why did they hang him? did they see him kill someone? what's the story behind all this?" It got me curious "i want to know the truth" so i went back to my room, reached for my laptop and continued to look. Startin' from social networkin' sites (i know other people would have a lot more information about it) then to various news websites. The more i read the more i felt bad and the more it breaks my heart. Many death sentences awaiting capital punishment, so why hurry in the case of Afzal Guru, why now? A spokesman said,“Although many death sentences are awaiting execution in India, only Afzal Guru's death sentence was executed by the government of India to please their vote bank. The fact remains that this decision is purely political in nature because Afzal Guru was not given a fair trial. Many loopholes have been found by the conscious jurists of India as well in the execution process.” Tortured, framed for a crime he didn't commit, not given a fair trial his interviews in Tihar jail make me cry. And now hanged without even informin' his family, his last wish to see his family wasn't fulfilled and neither was the body given back to his family. Is this the so-called democracy, the peace keepin' nation who convict innocent people for crimes they don't commit, imprison and beat them until they confess and then hang them secretly so that no one questions them.
There were protests in other states other than Kashmir. There were protests on the internet and some people without knowing the whole story were happy to see him hanged, clamin' he deserved that. "What the heck? What's wrong with them? How can they be happy about executin' someone? Isn't there a lil' bit of humanity left in 'em? or have they turned into savages?". So why were they against him. Is it because he was a Muslim or a Kashmiri? The truth is hurtful, i began to hate the biased news channels (esp. Times Now) who portrayed Afzal Guru as a national threat, a terrorist and what not. It makes me hate myself when i feel helpless and do nothin' about the atrocities and injustice done. Why somethin' wasn't done back then when he was convicted for a crime he didn't commit? Why do people raise a voice only when the tragedy has already taken place?i pity us(humans). Turnin' a blind eye to evil makes us evil, and evil will suffer on the day of judgement, then justice would be served !!!
To know more about the case and the trail and the victim check out the link Breaking The News by Arundhati Roy


  1. its all about media.......we dont know wht exactly he is....????????????

  2. he was !!! well if we talk about media, they portrayed him the mastermind behind the whole act... anyway, my point is if he would ve provided a fair trial and not executed secretly, these doubts wouldn't rise. you cannot execute someone on the basis of circumstantial evidence!!!


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