Monday, June 30, 2014

FIFA then and my LIFE now !!!

Four years ago, i never would've imagined my life as the way it is now, well who could have guessed. Everythin' that you dream of ever doesn't really happen, not everytime, so you gotta dream less i think. Expect less and get surprized by more, thats a fact which i am goin to prove wrong in the later part. Talk about FIFA World Cup i remember the last FIFA World Cup and last to last i.e. 8 years ago. I has just finished my class 12th (Higher Secondry) exams and was sort of preparin' for my AIEEE, well more like enjoyin' than studyin'. This thing i always hated in myself, after my pre-board exams i never took my studies seriously. Playin' with my career then and regrettin' about it now, yeah i know that i can do nothin' about that now. So where was i, yeah FIFA World Cup, i remember watchin' every match on national TV,  from openin' ceremony to closin', we didn't have cable/dish connection then (studies are more important). I remember Zidane head-buttin' an Italian player Materazzi, Zidane who retired after that World Cup i ended up likin' him ;) Although Germany was my fav. team, so many cute player ;) ;) But apart from cute players, i learned a lot about football back then, you know "technically". I had a dream of becomin' a sports journalist sometime so i wanted to be a know-it-all in sports so it would help me build up my future, well, so much for my stupid dreams *sigh*. So, the FIFA World Cup was over, and i switched from school to college. In the beginnin' college life sucked, i missed my school life, my friends, but then i made new friends, learned how to have fun, got used to the uniform eh. And days passed by, years, until the next FIFA World Cup which happened when i was pursuin' my masters(in the college of my nightmares) remember. This time it was altogether a different FIFA World Cup, there was paul the octopus, who died after sometime, strikes in Kashmir, addiction to facebook, makin my friends sing the FIFA World Cup songs. Gosh, it feels like yesterday when we were singin' to the tunes of "wavin' flag" by "K'naan" and goin' "waka waka africa", such hell of a disastrous "sur" that came out as a result. The time went by but the music remained in all our hearts, and i am sure if one of my rockin' friends still listen to that music sometime, it would bring back all the memories as it were just yesterday, we were so young energetic carefree and full of gratification. Now years have passed and FIFA World Cup is here again, but it's not the same anymore, i am not the same person and so isn't my life. I haven't watched a single match since its start, not even the openin' ceremony. Gone through various ups and downs, good as well as harsh experiences, it's just a matter of time when i'll go completely insane. Reality strikes you worse than lightnin', and you come to know everythin' you ever dreamt of were just dreams, like those fairy tales, or say castles in the air. Apart from my melodrama, and things from the past, it strikes me as odd that how much i have changed as a person. My rules, my principles, i don't follow no more. I have been on a constant drive to be unhappy for the rest of my life. So does the FIFA World Cup matter to me anymore? 

"Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason, take me higher " -- K'Naan